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“We can take care of your WSIB & Health and Safety needs so you can take care of business.”

At Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation, workplace safety is our priority. As one of the country’s leading full-service workplace health and safety consulting firms, our goal is to provide effective programs and services to companies that require professional and economical safety solutions. Our expert team of health and safety professionals consult with businesses of all sizes, and from a variety of different industries. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are completely in tune with government legislation and regulations. For superior service and effective results, choose Safety First to establish a safe and comfortable environment within your company.


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At Safety First, our goal is to leave your company with a thorough and reliable understanding of health and safety in the workplace. We accomplish this through a variety of different services. Our occupational health and safety services ensure that your business is in sync with the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Employers can take advantage of our professional health and safety training, which offers a wide and rich array of informative courses that will get your company in the know. Finally, our WSIB claims management services navigate employers using strategic and comprehensive planning.

TSSA Accredited Trainning Provider

Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation is located in Vaughan, just minutes north of Toronto.