COR™ Gap Analysis

COR™ Gap Analysis

One of the most important foundations of the COR™ course program is ensuring that your health and safety management system (including internal health and safety program) meets the minimum legislative and COR™ program requirements. We at Safety First Consulting can assist with:

  • Conducting a full review (gap analysis) of your existing program, policies, and health and safety management system to determine areas of success and where improvements are required
  • Development of a customized health and safety program that meets the requirements of the COR™ program

The full gap analysis that will be performed by our consultants consists of:

  • Reviewing your company’s health and safety program, section by section
  • Reviewing supplementary documentation
  • Confirming areas of compliance with health and safety legislation and COR™ certification of recognition program requirements
  • Identifying areas of deficiency

The completion of the gap analysis can assist you with working towards COR™ Certification by:

  • Identifying existing areas of success in your health and safety management system
  • Identifying areas where improvement efforts may be focused

For more information about our gap analysis services, please contact us.