What Training Do You Need To Be A Construction Worker

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What Training Do You Need To Be A Construction Worker

April 1, 2022
what training do i need to be a construction worker

There are many types of trades and roles that make up the construction industry, so there isn’t one comprehensive list that suits all. There are however essential trainings that every worker in Ontario must have before they begin work. All those involved in the workplace need to know the legal framework of safety expectations such as their rights and responsibilities. Employees and Supervisors must be made aware of hazards around the workplace and how to control those hazards, as well as know what specific tools or machinery that will be used. For each task, you should receive proper training and support for completing your tasks safely. When being safe at work, everyone needs to know what the safety procedures are administratively and procedurally. In this article, Safety First Consulting suggests their recommended essential construction workplace safety training starting points.

Legal Frame Work: Mandatory Construction Workplace Safety Training

Under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, the employer and those involved in the workplace have duties to inform workers what their legal rights and responsibilities are and do what they can to make a safe environment that welcomes problem resolution and safety talks. For this reason, Ontario’s mandatory Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps and Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness in 5 Steps exists, and from that legislation – the following training you need to be a construction worker was created:

1) Worker Health and Safety Awareness

Do you know what the three main worker rights are? You have the right to know what the hazards and procedures are in the workplace, the right to refuse unsafe work, and the right to participate in workplace health and safety activities and management. There are procedures in place for unsafe work refusal, which can be read here if you would like to know more information or just simply give us a call.

If you’re interested in taking Safety First Consulting’s Online Worker Health and Safety Awareness – Click here or the image below!

Virtual Worker Health and Safety Awareness

2) Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness in 5 Steps

Supervisors are in a role where they are giving out instruction, and acting as the communication between employees and the employer. This gives them extra responsibilities when it comes to construction workplace safety. When supervisors know what their rights and responsibilities are, they’re can help facilitate further safety talks and an overall safety culture on the construction job site.

Interested in taking online Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness?

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Supervisor health and safety awareness training vaughan

3) Workplace Violence and Harassment

When this violence and harassment is said, it may be assumed that only physical touch can be considered as violence – but violence and harassment comes in many forms including verbal abuse, singling someone out and giving them less than everyone else, and is really just any situation that makes anyone in the workplace feel abused, threatened, intimidated, or assaulted.

These occurrences can happen during work, after hours, or during other activities related to work – if the person is employed with you and they’re harassing you – this training will help to spot harassment and what to do about it.

Interested in checking out Safety First Consulting’s online Workplace Violence and Harassment course?

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Online Workplace Violence and Harassment training Vaughan Toronto Ontario

4) Supervisor Competency and Awareness (In-Person Training)

Supervisor Competency and Awareness training vaughan

To add to the awareness aspect of being a supervisor and knowing the rights and responsibilities they have to follow, Safety First Consulting in Concord, Ontario offers Supervisor Awareness and Competency. This is a full day course that will give you the foundation of being a supervisor who is conscious of safety always. You get to keep the Supervisor’s log book – as well as a laminated wallet card.

Interested in Supervisor Competency and Awareness?

5) Hazard Identification and Control: WHMIS & GHS 2015

WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) is an essential workplace safety training that is required to be done every year. It is a first recommendation when asked, “what training do you need to be a construction worker”. Within the online WHMIS program, it goes over the symbol and label meanings, and discusses the laws in place that make the training and standardized labeling an important requirement of safety culture within Canada and all that Canada has dealings with. If you’d like to read more about WHMIS, check out our blog posts on it here.

online safety training for ontario canada - WHMIS training

Looking for online WHMIS? Click here, or the image above!

We also offer in person WHMIS on-site!

6) Personal Protection Equipment

online personal protective equipment program

Understanding the role that health and safety procedures have and how protective equipment can help, is key to having a safe work day and key to staying compliant with the OHSA and the ministry which enforces it. Relying on PPE is your last resort, but still an important one when necessary (ie. when welding) – that’s why we created this training: Click here to view our online Personal Protective Equipment training course.

7) One Fire Safety Training (Fire Extinguisher Safety Included)

online electrical safety training

Workplace fires happen and employees need to know where the fire extinguisher is and where the fire escape plan is. Learn about using the fire extinguisher and what it means to follow a safety plan in the event of a fire. Click to view the online fire safety program now!

Safety First Consulting can also come to your location if you are near the Toronto area!

8) Working at Heights and Working at Heights Refresher

Working at Heights and WAH Refresher

If working at heights is present on the job site, working at heights is required. It may also be a good idea to have ladder safety training, although that is also covered somewhat within the working at heights course. This training has to be renewed every three years. Safety First Consulting is a Chief Prevention Officer approved provider within the city of Concord, Ontario/Vaughn, Ontario. First we cover theoretical aspects of working at heights, then we harness you up for the practical component as you show your new skills for us while dawning a harness and tying to an anchor point. This is probably one of the most popular answers to what training do you need to be a construction worker.

Interested in signing up for working at heights or working at heights refreshers?

Let us know and we’ll see you more information and upcoming training dates!

9) Online Electrical Hazard Safety Training

Employers, workers, and supervisors all have a role in electrical safety and this course covers the foundations of what each need to know. Common electrical violations such as grounding and reducing the likelihood of electrocution are discussed, and at the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion. This isn’t typically the first answer to what training do you need to be a construction worker, but it’s a good addition to have.

online electrical safety awareness training main image of an electrician holding wires.

Interested in taking online Electrical Hazard Safety Training? Click here or on the image above!

10) Specific Jobsite Construction Workplace Safety Training

What Training Do You Need To Be A Construction Worker
Looking for equipment specific training? Check out Safe-Tech! Click here.

Working with scaffolding, around confined spaces, with carbon monoxide, or on a skid steer or elevated work platform? If it’s there, and there’s a possibility that you’ll be using it, so you need to be trained on it. Find out what machinery is present on your job site, and understand your role at work both as a safety guardian of your own life, as well as a safety professional with all the construction equipment you use.

All of this plus other safety precautions and information should be inside of your company’s health and safety policy.

Not sure what a health and safety program is? Check out this recent article.

Check out which equipment training we may be able to provide to you!

Our NCSO Safety Consultants are ready to answer your questions.

In Summary, What Training Do You Need To Be A Construction Worker?

To begin your career as a construction worker, you must have the essential trainings:

Before starting your job, ask your employer what they would recommend you have too. You are in charge of your safety, as is your supervisor and employer – so the more everyone knows, the more everyone can help each other stay safe and be safe always.

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