WSIB Paralegal Services

WSIB Paralegal Services

Our Licensed Paralegal team at Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation will provide you with full management of your WSIB claims and issues as it relates to injury management.

  • Interpreting WSIB and WSIAT policies/legislation
  • Revenue Audit Services
  • Represent clients at the WSIB Appeals Branch and at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal WSIAT

We provide complete assistance from the point of injury to the resolution of the claim.  We are instrumental in assisting our clients to achieve significant savings and increased rebates. Below are some of the related services we offer in relation to injury management:

  • Complete and submit WSIB related forms on behalf of the client
  • Full management of the claim
  • Liaise with claims adjudicators, case managers and return-to-work specialists at the WSIB
  • Train employers and supervisors on how to manage injured workers
  • Create modified work packages
  • Develop Return-to-Work plans
  • Review medical documentation for pre-existing conditions
  • Represent employers at return-to-work meetings

  • WSIB Claims Management

    In cooperation with the WSIB Claims Management, Safety First offers complete management of the Return to Work (RTW) program.

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  • WSIB Appeals and WSIAT Tribunal services

    Final decisions of the Board, usually decisions of the Appeals Branch, may be appealed to the Tribunal.

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  • WSIB Revenue Services

    Our WSIB Revenue Services helps your company to understand financially the actual cost of your claims and the premiums you pay.

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