COR™ Program Development

COR™ Program Development

After your gap analysis has been completed and it has been determined where improvements or changes to your program are required, we can help you work on these areas to meet legislative and COR™ program requirements. We at Safety First Consulting can assist with:

  • Working from your existing health and safety program and updating it to meet legislative and COR™ safety program requirements
  • Creating a new, fully customized company-specific health and safety program to fit your needs

During your health and safety program development, we will be in constant communication with you to ensure all your needs are addressed and taken care of.

A few examples of what our program development team can assist you with are:

  • Health and safety policy development
  • Hazard assessment, analysis, and control
  • Safe Work Practice and Procedure development
  • Employee training

A thorough health and safety program that complies with COR™ safety program is key to ensure your success. For more information about our program development services, please contact us.