Traffic Control Person

Traffic Control Person

The purpose of traffic control is to protect crews on the road working with traffic or in traffic, as well as the motoring public and pedestrians. Every year workers are injured as a result of traffic-related incidents while performing work in and around public roadways. The Regulations for Construction Projects require employers to have a traffic protection plan in place to ensure that workers are protected. In addition, a specific traffic control plan, designed to protect both workers and road users, must be developed and available.

Course objectives for Traffic Control Person training include:

  • Understanding hazards of traffic, risk factors for traffic accidents, and the purpose of temporary traffic control
  • Reviewing and applying the legislation that applies to traffic control and reversing equipment
  • Describing when traffic control persons can be used, and the legal requirements for training and personal protective equipment
  • Learning where traffic control persons should be located, and how they should signal and communicate

This 2-3 hour training course is valid for three years.

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