Winter Safety Tips

Winter Safety Tips

December 12, 2013

Winter conditions can present many hazards in the workplace. It is important to keep workers informed of any safety hazards, and to take the appropriate corrective and preventative measures to prevent workplace injuries.

Here are some winter safety tips to keep in mind as the cold, snow and ice approaches:

  • Dress warmly, in layers, and wear waterproof boots with the appropriate traction. Make sure to keep dry.
  • Take frequent breaks in warm areas.
  • Stay hydrated, drink warm sweet beverages, but avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Make sure to eat regularly as your body is burning more calories to stay warm.
  • Learn the signs of frostbite and hypothermia and make sure to intervene immediately to prevent injury.
  • If using workplace heaters, ensure proper ventilation to let gases, such as carbon monoxide, escape.
  • Keep working and walking areas clear of snow, ice and water, and mark any hazardous areas clearly with signs and barricade tape.
  • Drive with caution on winter roads, drive slower and pay close attention to hazards such as ice, and snow.

Remember that winter conditions can change frequently, so always be prepared.

Stay Safe And Warm This Winter!!