What is the importance and benefit of health and safety in the workplace?

What is the importance and benefit of health and safety in the workplace?

October 24, 2016

Just as workers expect their employer to look after workplace health and safety, employers expect their workers to follow all health and safety measures put in place. All workplaces have hazards and risks, this is why it is so important to incorporate training into all health and safety initiatives. Training ensures workers understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as proper safe work procedures. This will help prevent workplace accidents and illnesses.

What is the importance of health and safety training?

Providing training to workers provides many benefits in the workplace. Training is an important part of ensuring that the employer is taking every reasonable precaution for the protection of the worker, as required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Training ensures you are meeting your legal requirements.

Proper training can prevent occupational injuries and illnesses by providing workers with the knowledge to do their job safety. It creates a culture of safety awareness throughout the workplace. Training workers on proper safety procedures can prevent unfortunate events, for example falling from heights, by teaching workers proper fall protection methods. Preventing workplace injuries and illnesses will save your workplace time and money, as well as generate a positive working environment.

Implementing a good health and safety management system and training your workers on your workplace policies and procedures will help ensure workers are provided with the knowledge to work safely.

How can Safety First Consulting help you?

Safety First Consulting is an Ontario-based company offering a variety of occupational health and safety training services. Our expert team of consultants can help build your workplace health and safety initiatives from the ground up. We also have a team of licensed paralegals who are able to provide complete WSIB claims management services.

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