Toronto to Publicly Name Businesses with COVID-19 Outbreaks

Toronto to Publicly Name Businesses with COVID-19 Outbreaks

January 7, 2021

On January 4, 2021, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health issued a Letter of Instruction to all employers in the City of Toronto permitted to be open under the Reopening Ontario ActIn addition to these updated COVID-19 safety measures, Toronto is now publicizing the names of workplaces in which COVID-19 outbreaks have been detected.

Under the Community/Workplaces tab you will find companies listed, by name, where current workplace outbreaks pose a significant public health risk. There are currently 3 workplaces listed. 

While all employers are now mandated to notify Toronto Public Health when two or more people test positive for the virus within a 14-day interval, not all outbreaks will be reported publicly. There will be consideration for individual privacy, especially for businesses with very few employees.

Data on outbreaks in workplaces and community settings are updated by Toronto Public Health once per week on Thursday, except on statutory holidays.

CLICK HERE to view the Toronto Public Health Active Outbreak Dashboard