The Importance of Safety Record Keeping

The Importance of Safety Record Keeping

November 10, 2023

When it comes to safety, especially in the field of construction, many employers turn to different safety software’s to help keep track of their site inspections, due diligence check lists, and training records of their workers. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), it is expected that employers are required to hold onto certain files regarding the health and safety records of their employees for a certain number of years. Files that pertain to – for example – workplace injuries and illness, records of training in Working at Heights, and other health and safety records that are required per company.

There are certain procedures in place that provide ease with record keeping, including the use of online safety software, which stores all health and safety related information that is easily accessible to all workers and/or senior management.

Record keeping includes tasks like:

  • Assigning responsibilities to workers
  • Providing a variety of resources and tools to site supervisors including general inspection checklists and toolbox talks
  • Storing training records and materials across sites

Benefits of Proper Record Keeping

By implementing proper record keeping procedures, this ensures the employer is doing their due diligence in ensuring they are adhering to all legislative requirements for record keeping under the OHSA. This also provides employees with accessibility to specific documents and procedures that may be helpful to them while on-site, such as safe work procedures.