The Future of Workplace Training ONLINE TRAINING

The Future of Workplace Training ONLINE TRAINING

May 7, 2020

Last year our team began work on an exciting new project. The goal was simple. We wanted to create an efficient and flexible system that empowers your company with better tools for managing your workplace health and safety training.

14 months later and we’re finally ready to share it with you.

Whether you have 5 employees or 500, coordinating their training can be a time consuming process. And given the current social restrictions, this job has been made even more difficult. But what if you had a system that could quickly train your entire team from any location, on any day, and at any time. A system that takes a fresh employee with zero health and safety knowledge and gets them certified in around 45 minutes.

  • It will show you who has completed the assigned training and who has not.
  • Even managing your employee’s certification expiry dates has been very simple.  The system will track, notify and prompt you about renewals.
  • No more spreadsheets or sticky notes.
  • Set and forget.
  • After passing their final exam your employee is instantly awarded a certificate of completion which can be downloaded or printed.

No more guessing who needs training and who does not. Your Business Account gives you total control. 

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