Temporary Stairs Regulatory Amendment Proposal

Temporary Stairs Regulatory Amendment Proposal

April 15, 2019

The Ministry of Labour is proposing to clarify existing requirements for temporary stairs in the regulation for Construction Projects O.Reg. 213/91.

On residential construction sites, temporary stairs are often put in place to facilitate access and egress to parts of a construction project before permanent stairs can be built. When these stairs are not installed, improperly installed or poorly designed, it can pose a serious hazard.

This proposal would amend current temporary stairs provisions by:

  • Clarifying where temporary stairs should start and end (i.e. requiring temporary stairs in underground levels).
  • Identifying specific situations where the installation of temporary stairs may not be possible.
  • Revising width dimensions to accommodate for movement of large equipment.

For more information please visit the Government of Ontario website:

The ministry is currently seeking industry feedback on these proposed changes.