Steps to Achieve COR™

Steps to Achieve COR™

June 13, 2019

Step 1. Complete and submit the COR™ Application Form to IHSA. In Ontario, the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) issues COR™ certification. The first thing a company needs to do is register for COR™ by completing the application form.

You will need your company WSIB firm number and WSIB account number, the legal name and trade name, address and contact information for both a Senior Manager as well as the Internal Auditor. One application form is required per WSIB account.

Step 2. Complete the mandatory training courses. In order to become an Internal Auditor you must complete four required IHSA training courses. A senior manager must also complete one IHSA training course, “COR™ Essentials”.

Step 3. Complete and submit (with supporting documentation) a self-audit of the workplace (internal audit). By following the IHSA’s COR™ Audit Tool, the Internal Auditor will complete an audit of the company’s health and safety management system. The COR™ Audit Tool consists of 19 required elements. The completed successful audit is then submitted to the IHSA.

Step 4. Arrange and successfully complete a third-party COR™ audit (external audit).

Upon successful submission of your internal audit the IHSA will arrange for the completion of an external (third-party) COR™ audit. This external audit will also verify your health and safety management system against the 19 elements in the COR™ Audit Tool.

If both audits are successful the employer is issued the COR™ Certificate of Recognition.

We at Safety First Consulting can provide hands on assistance through your internal audit process and ensure you are meeting all the requirements to successfully achieve COR™. For more information about our COR™ certification services, please contact us.