Slips, Trips and Falls: Ministry of Labour Initiative

Slips, Trips and Falls: Ministry of Labour Initiative

April 15, 2019

Falls from heights and same-level falls can happen anywhere, anytime. Every year, falls result in a significant number of worker injuries and deaths. Across the province in all industry sectors, slips, trips and falls continue to be a significant problem and are among the leading causes of injuries resulting in workers missing time at work. Preventing such injuries needs to be a critical goal of every safe and healthy workplace. With effective health and safety management, injuries and fatalities from slips, trips and falls are completely preventable. 

From spring 2019 through early summer the Ministry of Labour is holding an initiative focused on slips, trips and falls in partnership with Ontario’s health and safety association partners. The focus of this initiative is compliance and awareness.

From May 6–10, 2019 the ministry is asking workplaces to participate in Ontario’s second annual Falls Awareness Week (FAW). FAW aims to bring awareness to the falls hazards that exist in every workplace, through workplace discussion and participation. During FAW, workplaces are encouraged to stop work for 15–30 minutes to have a safety talk about fall hazards specific to their work environment.

We encourage employers to check out the following valuable resources made available from Ontario’s health and safety association industry partners:



Health Care


All sectors

Proper ergonomics can protect workers from slips, trips and falls or falling from a height (for example, when using a ladder). Learn more about ladder ergonomics and what employers can do to reduce falls.