Safety First Consulting – Licensed By The Law Society

Safety First Consulting – Licensed By The Law Society

January 3, 2020

Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation is a licensed paralegal firm regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Our team of Paralegals can provide Workplace Safety and Insurance Board – Claims Management services that include:

  • Review and ensure correct rate group classification
  • Assist with Form 7 reporting
  • Direct communication with all WSIB staff
  • Assist with developing accident reporting procedures and investigation reports
  • Return to Work program implementation with modified work packages
  • Review active and prior claims for SIEF recovery
  • Monitor monthly Accident Cost Statements
  • Representation at WSIB and WSIAT appeal hearings

Since October 31, 2007, the WSIB only accepts representatives who are licensed through the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) and whose names are included on the Lawyer and Paralegal Directory. Employers must beware of third party consultants who claim they can represent them in WSIB matters, but are not recognized by the WSIB. All third party consultants must submit a Direction of Authorization (signed by the employer) with each claim in order to correspond with WSIB. A consultant that does not submit an authorization is not permitted to correspond with WSIB.

For additional information on our WSIB services please contact us at 905-669-5444 or email .