Working at Heights Provider

Working at Heights Provider

February 5, 2019

Safety First Consulting is now an approved Working at Heights Training Provider with the Infrastructure Association (IHSA).

Effective April 1, 2015 workers on construction projects who use the following methods of fall protection must now complete the new Working at Heights program:

  • Travel restraint systems
  • Fall restricting systems
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Safety nets
  • Work belts or safety belts

This training may only be conducted by approved training providers accredited by the Chief Prevention Officer, and must be completed before they can work at heights. Safety First Consulting is an approved provider through the Infrastructure Association. Contact our office to arrange for training today.

There is a two year transition period for workers who, prior to April 1, 2015, met the fall protection training requirements of the Construction Regulations 213.91. These workers will have until April 1, 2017 to complete an approved Working at Heights training program.