Fall Awareness Month

Fall Awareness Month

August 30, 2020

Falls Awareness Week is September 14–18, 2020.

The goal of this week is to bring awareness to workplace falls hazards through workplace discussion and participation. Training and awareness are key to preventing workplace injuries.

Communicate Fall Hazards and Awareness

Take a moment this week to hold a safety talk about preventing falls in the workplace. Your Safety talk should address key workplace hazards, such as working at heights, in your workplace. Allow for discussion and encourage open communication where workers’ questions and concerns can be addressed.

Think about what types of falls could happen at your workplace, what needs improvement, and what training and equipment you have provided to your workers. Is there room for improvement?

The meeting should provide information about hazards, protective methods, and the company’s safety policies, goals and expectations. Hands-on exercises (such as a workplace walk-around or equipment checks) can increase interest.

Due to COVID-19, make sure to keep a physical distance of at least two metres between participants during any in-person safety talks, wear face coverings where needed and hold talks outside when possible. Some workplaces may choose to hold safety talks virtually. To find a resource suited to your industry, visit the MOL website at: