COR™ Training Requirements

COR™ Training Requirements

June 21, 2019

In order to receive COR™ certification in Ontario, a representative from senior management and one designated full-time permanent employee (your selected Internal Auditor) are required to complete training through the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA). 

There are 4 (four) required courses. The senior management representative is required to complete one of these courses: COR™ Essentials. The full-time permanent employee selected as your Internal Auditor must complete all four courses: COR™ Essentials, Basic Auditing Principles, COR™ Internal Auditor and Introduction to Hazard and Risk Management. 

COR™ Essentials training provides information on important COR™ requirements such as responsibilities of the parties involved, audit criteria, and project planning/scheduling. 

Basic Auditing Principles is a 1-day training course on the principles of auditing and how to apply these principles to the Certificate of Recognition (COR™) Audit process. 

COR™ Internal Auditor training ensures that the Internal Auditor is able to successfully plan, perform, and submit the COR™ Audit through hands-on scenarios and case studies. 

Introduction to Hazard and Risk Management training provides the understanding required to create, implement, and maintain a successful hazard and risk management system. Effective and ongoing hazard and risk management is an important step to injury prevention.  Safety First Consulting can provide your organization with the necessary support and resources to ensure successful completion of the audit process. For more information about COR™ and the services we offer, please contact us.