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Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips

Posted On January 10, 2019 9:05 am

Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips


Here are the top 10 occupational health and safety tips from the professionals at Safety first Consulting Professional Corporation:




  • Keep the Workplace Clean and Organized: Housekeeping is integral to eliminating many workplace hazards and possible sources of injuries. Store all workplace materials safely and securely. Ensure that walkways are clean and emergency exits are clear of obstruction.
  • Tools, Equipment, and Machinery: Make sure that tools, machinery, and equipment are regularly inspected, properly maintained and that documented training on proper and safe use is recorded.
  • Risk Management: Know the hazards in your workplace and develop policies and procedures to eliminate the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses. Make sure all employees are trained on your workplace health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Promote a Culture of Health & Safety: When health and safety become an integral part of your workplace culture, it means everyone makes safety their priority. Get your team involved in health and safety and empower your safety committee. Have regular safety talks and reward positive safety performance.
  • Effective Training Programs: Workers who know better, do better. Teach your employees about workplace safety, and make sure to follow up and provide ongoing support to ensure that safe workplace techniques are regularly practiced in your workplace.
  • Competent Supervisors: Ensure those who manage your workforce are given the proper tools, training, and resources to promote a safe and healthy workplace environment.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Ensure that that proper PPE is available, used and inspected regularly in the workplace.
  • Safety Signage and Communication: Signs provide clear and concise safety messages. Work areas and hazards must be clearly marked to ensure that people stay where they need to be, and know the hazards present in the workplace. Communicate the required PPE, workplace dangers, emergency procedures, hazards etc. to ensure all workers clearly understand their surroundings.
  • Never Take Shortcuts: Any job, project, task, or quota is more important than safety. Never override or disable safety devices/mechanisms/guards or procedures put in place to protect workers from injuries.
  • Take All Accidents, Including Near Misses, Seriously: Accidents and near misses are evidence that something is failing in your health and safety system. Make sure to properly investigate and find the root cause for all accidents and near misses. This will help you to implement effective corrective action to prevent future re-occurrences.

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