Respirator Fit Test

Respirator Fit Test

Airborne hazards can have short-term effects such as sneezing or long-term effects such as lung disease. When an airborne hazard cannot be isolated or an alternative product used workers are required to wear a respirator. Respirators must be matched to particular hazards. There is no all-purpose respirator that can be used in every situation.

Respirators require proper fit, if a respirator does not fit right, it will not protect you. Tight-fitting respirators must seal to the wearer’s face in order to provide expected protection.

Any person who is required to wear a tight fitting facepiece during the course of their normal day to day work duties, or any person who is required to wear a tight fitting facepiece for emergency response activities should be fit tested to ensure an effective seal. Compliance standards mandate fit testing before first use, and every 1 to 2 years after.

Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation can provide Respirator Fit Testing for your workers which includes a training course on:

  • The different types of respirators, face masks, and cartridges
  • Current legislation regarding respirators and fit testing
  • Outline how respirators should be selected
  • Understanding the correct storage, use, and handling requirements for respirators
  • Prerequisites for usage of respirators (seal check and fit testing)

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