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Workplace Health and Safety Inspections Ontario

Workplace Inspections

Workplace inspections are vital in preventing injuries and illnesses. By thoroughly examining your work environment, our experts at Safety First Consulting will identify any potential hazards and call for appropriate solutions. Joint Health and Safety Committees can assist in the planning, conducting, reporting and monitoring of these inspections.

Regular inspections are an integral aspect of a company’s overall health and safety plan. Here are some of the many reasons why regular health and safety inspections should be a priority for your company:

• Employers are given the opportunity to listen to the concerns of their workers and supervisors
• Employers and employees alike will earn a deeper understanding of the various responsibilities within their workplace
• Any existing and potential hazards will be revealed and dealt with appropriately
• The underlying causes hazards can be determined so that any similar problem can be prevented in the future
• Hazard controls will be monitored (this includes personal protective equipment, engineering controls, policies and procedures)

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