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Safety First Consulting can provide specific training such as lock out and guarding procedures to keep your workers safe while using industry specific machinery and tools. Our paralegals can also assist in managing your workplace injuries. They will create sound modified work plans that are meaningful, accommodating, and productive while keeping WSIB costs down.


Our health and safety consultants will assist in identifying hazards and implementation of the adequate controls. We will provide support and training to the workers, supervisors and management to ensure their roles and responsibilities are carried out in the workplace. Our seasoned paralegals can assist you in the complete management of your Workplace Safety claims effectively and help curb absenteeism related to workplace injuries.

Long Term Care Facilities

Safety First Consulting represents many long term care facilities with their Health and Safety and WSIB requirements. Let us audit your workplace to identify deficiencies or gaps in your program. Our team of professionals will assist your facility with ensuring compliance in accordance to the applicable legislation.


Safety First Consulting will support and assist all employers to establish and maintain a healthy and safe workplace. We will also provide you the knowledge and the recommendations to achieve your due diligence as an employer. Safety First Consulting will guide you on regulations such as but not limited to; ergonomics, slip and trip hazards, lockout, ladder safety and storage of materials.

TSSA Accredited Trainning Provider