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Public Service Occupational Health And Safety Programs in Ontario

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At Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation, we can provide occupational health and safety program development needs. We develop policies and procedures in compliance with all provincial/federal regulations. Our certified and highly experienced Site Safety Professionals will conduct thorough workplace inspections and audits with a detailed electronic report. Our Site Safety Professionals have been trained in hazard recognition and will provide recommendations for controls with plans to implement those controls immediately. Safety First Consulting will conduct pre-start-up meetings for all projects and workplaces to ensure that all workplace parties are diligent in providing the mandatory documentation. In our pre-start meetings, we will review all health and safety policies and procedures for the workplace. Our Site Safety Professionals provide auditing and gap analysis to ensure your health and safety program is in full compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and applicable regulations.

Health and Safety Program Development and Maintenance
• Federal Policies and Procedures
• Provincial Policies and Procedures

Workplace Site Safety Audits and Inspections
• Industrial
• Construction
• Federal

Hazard Recognition/Gap Analysis

• Pre-start
• Monthly
• Safety Meetings
• Assisting in Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Meetings
• Assisting in Worker Trades Committee (WTC) Meetings

Compliance with applicable government legislation

TSSA Accredited Trainning Provider, Partner

Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation is located in Vaughan, just minutes north of Toronto.