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2017 Team Building

Posted On September 22, 2017 6:31 pm


Safety First Consulting is able to provide the best safety and WSIB services in the industry because we have the best staff. We have a strong commitment to attracting and retaining expert professionals to provide your organization with the highest standard in health and safety and WSIB consulting services. Effective team building is integral in promoting positive work relationships and team work. We are proud of the team here at Safety First Consulting. Our team has taken trips to Las Vegas, New York City, Chicago and Boston. We also regularly attend community events such as corporate golf tournaments and charity events. These team building events are so important to Safety First Consulting because they facilitate better communication, increase employee motivation, promote a positive work environment and most importantly, increase productivity. Through these team building benefits, you can be sure our staff is able to provide the highest quality health and safety and WSIB consulting services to your organization.
This year Safety First Consulting staff embarked on their 3rd annual team building event in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
This trip was to further recognize and acknowledge the efforts made by this amazing group of individuals who continue to thrive in their work environment. It is during these team building events where our staff unwind and recharge their batteries making them even more efficient and conscientious of their work performance.
During our 2017 team building trip to Niagara Falls, the staff was treated to dinners and participated in an Adventure Rooms Canada game. During the day, the staff were at liberty to sight see and explore the local attractions and in the evening, we all met at dinner to discuss our travels of the day. These trips are not only educational but very effective in boosting morale and creating lasting memories.
Through these team building events, the Safety First Consulting staff was able to get to know each other better outside of work and allowed for stronger communication within the workplace which not only benefits our company and employees, but translates into providing the best services to our clients as well. During our team building event at the Adventure Rooms Canada, staff learned to work cohesively and effectively in time sensitive situations and successfully solved many different problem solving scenarios.

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